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(Testun yn unig sydd ar gael yn Saesneg yn)

Working objectives

  • Conceptual foundation for biodiversity indicator selection
  • Assessment and validation of a set of candidate biodiversity indicators in 12 case studies representative for organic/low-input farming systems across the EU and in selected ICPC countries
  • Preparation of guidelines for the appliance of appropriate biodiversity indicators and standardized measurement, calculation and interpretation
  • Project management

The working objectives have been translated into seven work packages including project management.
In WP2 the conceptual foundations for indicator selection will be laid down, existing indicator systems will be screened and promising indicators for biodiversity of organic and low-input farming systems will be assembled in a set of candidate indicators.
Sampling protocols will be elaborated and passed on to WP3, which will assess the candidate indicators with respect to their feasibility in 12 case studies distributed across major organic and low-input farming systems and across major environmental zones of Europe.
All results of biodiversity indicator measurements will be collated in a centralised database and analysed in WP4.
The applicability of the BIOBIO indicator set beyond Europe will be tested in WP5 in three ICPC countries.
A monitoring system for assessing biodiversity in organic and low-input farming systems will then be designed and disseminated in WP6. It will consist of an overall monitoring strategy and of fact sheets for individual indicators, detailing the scope of the indicator, measurement methods and guidelines for interpretation.
Stakeholders will be committed to the project in WP7. Economic issues including evaluation of costs of biodiversity indicator implementation and assessment of public benefits of biodiversity promoted by organic and low-input farming will be investigated as a cross cutting theme across Workpackages.

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Project coordination

Felix Herzog: Tel. +41 44 377 74 45
Susanne Riedel: Tel. +41 44 377 75 76



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