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Dairy cow system


The case study of Switzerland is situated in Obwalden, in the central part of Switzerland. All study farms are situated in the village Stalden OW, 791 m asl. (46.89 N, 8.21 E) on the southeast-facing hillside above Lake of Sarnen. The parent material is Flysch, which consists of typical alternations of sandstone and shale and tends to slide.

Number of farms surveyed

A total of 19 farms have been surveyed (10 organic and 9 conventional).

Farm type

Specialist grazing livestock

Main production

The main production is milk. Only 3 farms produced only meat. Two have sheep and one goat. The average number of cows is 13 per dairy farms producing 79,000 litres of milk.

Farm size

The average size of the Swiss farms is very small, 10 ha plus the summer pastures estimated to 22 ha. These have been estimated by the number of grazing days and a yield of 1.5 DM tons of fodder per ha. Considering the total surface farmed, there is no real difference between organic and non organic farms : 30 ha for organic farms versus 34 ha for conventional farms.

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Case study contact

Manuel Schneider

Federal Department of Economic Affairs
Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon Research Station
Zurich, Switzerland