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WP1 rheoli a chydlynu

(testun yn unig sydd ar gael yn Saesneg)


This workpackage focuses on operational management, administration and coordination of the project, as well as quality control and dissemination of results. The main objectives of the project will be achieved through a series of carefully coordinated and integrated activities. The WP focuses on:

  • Organising project team meetings, by delegation to appropriate consulting members
  • Financial management of the project
  • Ensuring cooperation and integration between Work Packages
  • Deliver information to all relevant parties, including stakeholders and other participants
  • Coordination of the recommendations, the final report
  • Ensuring policy relevance and practicality for all EU members
  • Reporting to and communication with the European Commission.

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WP 1 Arweinydd

Felix Herzog

Federal Department of Economic Affairs
Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon Research Station
Zurich, Switzerland

Management and Coordination