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Indicators for farm management

Farm management affects farmland biodiversity. Eight management indicators allow to assess the intensity of farm management and can be correlated to direct habitat and species indicators. The effect of management indicators on species indicators becomes visible when the whole spectrum of farming intensity is examined. The BioBio case study regions covered the extensive to medium-intensive range. Therefore, the relation between management and species indicators is not always very strong. Moreover, correlations between farm management and the state indicators of biodiversity differed from case study to case study. For each case study, the analysis revealed distinctive combinations of farm management indicators to correlate with direct indicators of biodiversity.


EnerIn: Total Direct and Indirect Energy Input
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IntExt: Intensification/Extensification: Expenditure on inputs
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MinFert: Area with Use of Mineral Nitrogen Fertiliser
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NitroIn: Nitrogen Input
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PestUse: Pesticide Use
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FieldOp: Field Operations
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AvStock: Average Stocking Rate
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Graze: Grazing Intensity
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