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Wijngaarden in de regio Veneto in het noordoosten van Italië

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Vineyards are located in some key areas of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG) regions (Northeast Italy), both with a long tradition of organic wine production. In these regions wine production play an important economic role in both agriculture and whole regional economy. Veneto is famous for its sparkling wines 'prosecco' and high quality and table wine, while FVG well known for its aromatic high quality wines.

Number of farms surveyed

A total of 18 farms have been surveyed (9 organic farms and 9 conventional farms).

Farm type

Permanent crops

Main production

All the farms are making and selling their wine. 6 out of 18 farms have also an agri-touristic activity (restaurant, bed and breakfast). For 3 of them these activities represent an important contribution to the farm economy. 5 farms have also some olive trees (0.5 to 4 ha), one cherry tree and 2 produce durum wheat.

Farm size

The average size of farms included in the BioBio project is 27 ha (19 ha in organic farms (OF) versus 29 ha in conventional farms (CF)). Farmland is only covered by vineyard, excepted the small percentage of olive trees and durum wheat. The average size of the parcels is larger in OF than in CF : 1,3 ha in OF versus 0,9 ha in CF.

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Case study contact

Maurizio Paoletti

Universita degli Studi di Padova