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WP5 Archwiliadol astudiaethau achos yn ICPC

(Testun yn unig sydd ar gael yn Saesneg yn)


The overall objective of this WP is to test the wider applicability of the biodiversity indicators, which are developed in BIOBIO for Europe, in other agro-ecological zones and other policy contexts. We want to identify (i) which indicators are generally applicable for low input and organic farming systems, even beyond Europe, (ii) which indicators can easily be replaced by similar indicators and (iii) which indicators would need to be developed in order to match the conditions of low input and organic farming in other agro-ecological zones and institutional settings. This leads to the following detailed objectives:

  • Adapt the BIOBIO indicator set to conditions in three ICPC countries for it to be tested in case studies
  • Select appropriate case study regions and organic/low-input farms as well as conventional farms
  • Test the adapted BIOBIO indicator set in three ICPC countries
  • Discuss the findings with local stakeholders, publicise them and possibly initiate biodiversity monitoring on organic and low-input farming systems in the respective countries
  • Communicate the findings from the ICPC case studies

The implementation of this Work Package will be based on the relationships between the following institutes:

  • The Technical University of München, Germany and the Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University in the Ukraine.
  • The University of Extremadura, Spain and the Institut National de Recherche en Génie Rural, Eaux et Foręts in Tunesia.
  • The University of Padua, Italy and the Makarere University in Uganda

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WP 5 Arweinydd

Max Kainz

Technical University of Munich

Exploratory case studies in ICPC