Explotaciones mixtas (ganadería y cultivo) en las colinas del terciario del piedemonte alpino al sur de Alemania

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The Bavarian Tertiary Hillland is in the south of Germany. The area has rolling hills with a height between 350m - 500 m. The soils are 'young' soils consisting of loess. These are mixed farming systems with arable land, grassland and forests. There is high pressure on the land by development purposes.

Number of farms surveyed

A total of 16 farms have been surveyed, 8 organic and 8 conventional.

Farm type

Mixed crops livestock

Main production

The main production is milk but all farms sell also grains. The landrace is Simmental. The average total livestock unit (LU) is 51 per farm in organic farms versus 76 in conventional farms and the stocking density is 1.7 in OF versus 2.4 in CF. The animals graze in only 2 farms.

Farm size

The average size of an organic farm is 54 ha versus conventional 67 ha. Parcel size is 1.9 ha in organic famrs versus 2.7 ha in conventional farms.

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Contacto de caso de estudio

Max Kainz

Technical University of Munich