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Valleys and Hills of Gascony: Crop farming system


Valleys and Hills of Gascony is a typical agricultural landscape of south western France, under both sub-atlantic and sub-mediterranean climatic influence. This region is dominated by agricultural mosaic of intensive to extensive crops (cereals, sunflower, oilseed rape…) and pastures (natural and sown), with small forest remnants.

Number of farms surveyed

A total of 16 farms have been surveyed, 8 organic and 8 conventional farms).

Farm type

Field crops and horticulture

Main production

Farmland is mainly composed of winter wheat, barley and sun flower. Other crops are peas, soya beans, triticale, oil seed rape, oat, sorghum. Crops are more diversified in conventional farms. Organic farms have more legumes in their rotation. This high rate includes the legume catch crops, largely implemented in organic farms but also in some conventional farms involved in no tillage practices.

Farm size

Conventional crop farms are larger than organic farms :101 ha versus 57 ha. Parcel size is lower in OF.

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Case study contact

Jean-Pierre Sarthou

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique