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WP2 sylfeini cysyniadol

(testun yn unig sydd ar gael yn Saesneg)


The overall objective is to review biodiversity indicators broadly applied to the European environment and general griculture and to assess their suitability and applicability in organic and low-input farming systems across Europe, taking into account demands of stakeholders in both organic/low-input systems and nature conservation. Indirect as well as direct measures of biodiversity will be considered and indicators will concern the genetic, species and habitat levels of biological organisation at the farm rather than regional scale. This will be progressed with the following sequence of specific objectives.

  • Review of indicator theory, frameworks and current biodiversity indicator sets
  • Proposing candidate farming & biodiversity indicators
  • Consultation with stakeholder group (WP7), selection of candidate indicators to be tested in case studies (WP3)
  • Produce and disseminate standard sampling protocols and guidelines for sampling design for each candidate indicator to be recorded in case study regions (WP3)
  • Identification of a method for assessing the economic benefits of biodiversity in organic and low-input farming systems (Economics CCT)
  • Review and adapt the BIOBIO indicators set for application by associate ICPC partners and prospect on the adaptation of the BIOBIO indicator set for applications beyond Europe

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WP 2 Arweinydd

Peter Dennis

Aberystwyth University
Wales, United Kingdom

Conceptual foundations