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WP3 case studies

(Tekst alleen beschikbaar in het Engels)


The overall objective is to test and validate with in situ assessment in case study (CS) regions a set of scientifically sound and practical direct and indirect indicators characterizing organic/low input farming systems for the major European agri-ecological zones with organic/low-input farming. The detailed objectives are:

  • To select CS which are representative for the major organic/low-intensity farming systems in Europe and which cover their variability
  • To apply and test indirect (farming systems) and direct (genetic diversity / species diversity / habitat diversity) indicators on a representative number of farms in each CS
  • To record the practicability and costs of indicator measurements
  • To evaluate the economic benefits of biodiversity for organic/low-input farming
  • To obtain feedback on the practicability and usefulness of candidate indicators from local stakeholder groups

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WP 3 Leider

Jürgen Friedel

BOKU University
Vienna, Austria

Case studies