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Bulgaria - Rhodope Mountains

Milk sheep farms with common lands


The farms are located in the Rhodopes mountains (altitude between 950 m and 1800m). The case study cover the sites in Smolian region. The central place takes Mogilitsa vilage situated about 171 km South-East of Sofia in South Central Region of Bulgaria.

Number of farms surveyed

A total of 16 farms have been surveyed, all of them low-input farms.

Farm type

Specialist grazing livestock

Main production

The main production is sheep milk. Two have dairy cows, one cattle, one horse and one goat. Farmers produce cheese, yoghourt and butter on farm for household and for sale. But one part of milk is sold to large-scale producers close to the farms.

Farm size

The average size of the Bulgarian farms is quiet small, 25 ha of grasslands plus the summer pastures estimated to 88 ha. These have been estimated by the number of grazing days and a yield of 2 DM tons of fodder per ha. Parcel size is 4.7 ha.

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Case study contact

Siyka Stoyanova

Institute of Plant Genetic Resources