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WP4 dadansoddi data a upscaling

(Testun yn unig sydd ar gael yn Saesneg yn)


The overall objective is to provide support for the sampling and data management of the farming and biodiversity indicators collected in the case study (CS) regions, and perform the analysis of the data. This is divided in the following working objectives:

  • Define and make available a database structure for the field data collected in CS
  • Analyse the CS data on farming and biodiversity indicators and associated economic issues with appropriate statistical methods, and analyse the linkage between biodiversity (direct) and farming (indirect) indicators of organic/low-input farming systems
  • Judge the suitability of the use of continental scale biodiversity indicators for organic/low-input farming systems (upscaling)
  • Derive the final BIOBIO indicator set to be (i) tested in ICPC case studies (WP5) and (ii) disseminated for monitoring implementation in Europe (WP6)
  • Assess the perception of (economic) benefits of biodiversity as perceived by farmers
  • Analyse the data gathered in the ICPC case studies (WP5)

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WP 4 Arweinydd

Philippe Jeanneret

Federal Department of Economic Affairs
Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon Research Station
Zurich, Switzerland

Data analysis and upscaling