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WP7 Stakeholder advisory board

(Szöveg csak angol nyelven)


The overall objective of Work Package 7 is, by means of stakeholder involvement, to ensure that the BioBio indicators are useful and relevant to those involved in farmland biodivesity, organic and low-input farming. Therefore the stakeholder advisory board (SAB) has been set-up; it accompanies the project from the start (conceptual phase) to the end (dissemination), it supports the BIOBIO R&D approach andhas formulate their main expectations and criteria for relevant and useful biodiversity indicators for organic and low-input farming systems. The first results are now available:

  • Deliverable 7.1(1): Report on stakeholder requirements for biodiversity indicators for organic and low input farming systems.
  • Deliverable 7.1(2): Report on the contribution of the stakeholders to the selection of the biodiversity indicators for organic and low input farming systems.

The SAB consists of 20 experts from major interest groups:

  • NGO Nature protection and environment (5),
  • NGO Consumers’ association (1),
  • farmer organisation (3),
  • territorial and national administration (3),
  • farmer adviser and Agrarian Institute (2)
  • and European administration (6).

A description of the stakeholder groups is given here.

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WP 7 Vezetö

Philippe Pointereau

Toulouse, France

Stakeholder Advisory Board